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How To Make A Relief Hole in your windshield to prevent a crack from spreading further, in 5 easy steps.

How To Make A Relief Hole in your windshield to prevent a crack from spreading further in 6 easy steps.

It’s always a best idea to bring it to the professionals first, and we certainly do NOT recommend that you try this procedure. Some people have claimed to have success with making a small, partial hole in the windshield to prevent cracks from spreading. We are aware sometimes it’s not possible to immediately bring a vehicle into a shop, so we are sharing this information; however, we are NOT suggesting you use this method or attempt this temporary repair.

  1. Gather together all of the materials you will need, including: safety glasses, a drill with a diamond bit or glass/tile bit, clear nail polish or super glue or a windshield repair kit, alcohol or alcohol cleaning wipes. Make sure to wear your safety glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shards if the window breaks, glue, or other chemicals or glass dust/particles from drilling.
  2. Identify the starting and ending points of the crack on your windshield. Pick a spot near one or both ends of the crack. This is where you’ll create the relief hole. Mark the spot with a piece of tape or a marker. This ensures precision during the drilling process.
  3. Start drilling at a slow speed to avoid putting too much pressure on the glass. Apply gentle, even pressure while keeping the drill perpendicular to the windshield surface. Use a glass or tile bit with a diameter slightly smaller than the size of the crack. Drill until you’ve created a small pit on the windshield. Do not drill all the way through the glass and out the other side; only drill slightly into the glass. This shallow “hole” acts as a relief point for stress, preventing the crack from spreading further.
  4. Clear and clean the area. Wipe away any glass dust or debris around the hole to ensure a clean surface. Clean with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Seal The Hole. Apply clear nail polish, super glue, or your window repair kit to seal the hole. Filling and sealing the hole help prevent moisture and debris from entering and helps maintain the structural integrity of the windshield.

It’s very important to monitor the crack to see if it continues to grow, extending beyond the relief hole(s). If it does, consult a professional for further evaluation and repairs.

Remember, creating a relief hole is a temporary solution to buy you some time until you can get professional assistance. It’s not a permanent fix, and addressing the issue promptly is crucial to maintaining the safety of your windshield. Super Low Price Auto Glass in Des Moines does NOT recommend using this method; the information is here for informational value only, not a recommendation.

Here’s a tip from Ian! (
“This 100% worked for me. The key is to go deep enough to just get through the top layer of glass. I then quickly put a few drops of clear epoxy in and that’s it. Regular drill bit would not work, I had to use a carbide glass/ceramic bit.