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10 Proven Hacks to Clear Ice and Snow Off Your Windshield

Winter in Iowa, especially in freezing Des Moines, can turn your morning routine into a chilly challenge. Dealing with an icy windshield is nobody’s idea of a good time, but fear not! We’ve got you covered with ten practical and effective ways to bid farewell to that frosty layer on your vehicle’s windshield. Buckle up as we guide you through these windshield wonders.

  1. Let Your Defrost do the Talking:
    ● Your car’s defrost setting is your winter BFF. Flip down the visors, set it on high, and watch as the magic warm air melts away the ice. Bonus: If you have a newer ride, incorporate that auto-start feature for a pre-warmed windshield.
  2. Credit Cards to the Rescue:
    ● In a pinch? Grab a credit card or any plastic item with a clean edge. It might not help your credit score, but it will definitely help clear that icy mess.
  3. Tepid Water, Not Hot!
    ● Room-temperature water works wonders. Pour it over the icy surface while running your wipers to transform that ice into slush. Remember: hot water could lead to thermal shock and a cracked windshield.
  4. Commercial Deicer Spray:
    ● Pick up a commercial deicer spray from your local supermarket. Point, spray, and let it work its magic. Once the ice breaks down, a swipe of the wiper blades is all it takes. Here’s a great deal on commercial spray deicer.
  5. Harness the Power of Hand Warmers:
    ● Get creative! Activate a hand warmer and press it against the icy windshield. The gradual warmth will melt the ice, making it a breeze to remove.
  6. Invest in Pretreatment Sprays:
    ● Be proactive and use pretreatment sprays before the cold front hits. It’s like giving your windshield a protective shield against the impending frost.
  7. Deicer-Infused Wiper Fluid:
    ● Upgrade your wiper fluid with deicer. It’s a small investment that pays off big when you need those wipers to glide smoothly over an icy windshield. Order some de-icer windshield wiper fluid today!
  8. Embrace the Windshield Cover:
    ● Make your life easier by using a windshield cover every night. No more scraping in the morning; just remove the cover, and you’re good to go.
  9. Lift Those Wipers:
    ● Extend your wipers to the up position when parking. This prevents them from sticking to the windshield, allowing for a quicker start when you use the defrost setting.
  10. The Sock Solution:
    ● Grab an old sock and fill it with kitty litter. Secure the open end and toss it on your dashboard overnight. The moisture-absorbing contents may keep your windshield frost-free. Hit the road with a frost-free morning drive!

Which of these tricks have you tried? Do you have any ice or snow clearing tips you’d like to share?

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